Guy Burns Down His Apartment While Live Streaming

from Neatorama

There’s a fine line between silly and stupid, so when you’re filming a silly video to post to the interwebs know when to say when or things are going to get stupid.

The Japanese livestreamer in this video didn’t know when to stop his crazy train so he drove it all the way to Dumbville, stupidly playing with fire when he clearly knows nothing about fire safety.

(start the video at around 4:54 if you only want to see the fire)

(YouTube Link)

Watching this guy try to deal with the ever growing ball of flame in his house is like watching a Minion try to put out a fire, only without the charming "bee-do, bee-do" noises.

It’s unsure what the heck he was thinking, but if you’re wondering how he fared the YouTube video info simply states "He and his family are alive"

-Via Dorkly