You probably wake up 8-11 times a night — plus 21 other discoveries from sleep-tracking apps

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Why is it that you can go to be on time and wake up feeling exhausted?

Perhaps you are waking up more than you think you are.

For most of us, getting enough sleep is a problem. 

But thanks to fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and sleeping-aid apps like Sleepio, we now have all sorts of data on how we sleep and how to improve our rest.

Just because you fall asleep doesn’t mean you stay asleep. Fitbit users tend to wake up 8-11 times per night, which averages out to everyone waking up 9.3 times per night!

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Source: Fitbit

Women are slightly more (about 10%) likely to report sleep issues and to rate poorer-quality sleep than men.


Source Sleepio.

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However, women tend to get, on average, 20 more minutes of sleep than men. Women get 7-7.6 hours per night; men get 6.8-7.4 hours


Source: Fitbit

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