Professor Suspected in Delta State University Shooting Found Dead

from Gawker

Professor Suspected in Delta State University Shooting Found Dead

A professor suspected of murdering two people—the woman he lived with and a professor he worked with—was found dead late Monday night, just a few hours after telling police he would not be going to jail.…

Police believe Shannon Lamb killed his girlfriend, 41-year-old Amy Prentiss, before driving to Delta State University, where he allegedly shot and killed his colleague, 39-year-old Ethan Schmidt—a professor of American history who thanked Lamb in his book acknowledgements.…

Lamb was able to escape the university campus, which went on lockdown after the shooting, and apparently traveled to to Arkansas before returning to Mississippi.

According to the New York Times, police finally caught up with Lamb late Monday night after a license plate reader caught Lamb’s car traveling across a bridge near the Mississippi river.

Police on the other side in Greenville followed Lamb but did not try to apprehend him, Bingham said. Lamb then pulled over and took off on foot. Bingham said the police were waiting for backup when they heard a gunshot. When backup arrived, they searched and found Lamb with a gunshot wound to the head.

Cops say Lamb’s motive is still unclear, though he had apparently recently asked for time off for an unknown medical issue.

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