“You’re Dead Meat”: Cabbie Caught on Video Threatening Uber Driver, Passenger

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Authorities in Ottawa say they’re investigating a viral video that appears to show a taxi driver berating and menacing an Uber driver and his fare, CBC News reports.

“You think I’m joking? If I see you again, you’re dead meat,” the man is seen shouting at the Uber driver before opening the vehicle’s rear door and telling the passenger, “Come out and talk to me like a man” and “You fuckin’ cheapskate, take a real fuckin’ taxi.”

“The issue we are facing is it appears this man is making threats, but we need someone to come forward as a victim,”a police spokesperson told the Ottawa Citizen. “In incidents of a threatening nature, we need a victim to lay charges.”

After seeing the video, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told the Ottawa Sun
he was “completely disgusted” by the man whose actions tarnished the reputations of “hard-working, honest” cab drivers.

According to CBC News, the incident is just the latest confrontation between the city’s taxi drivers and Uber operators. Over the summer, a group of Ottawa cabbies reportedly posed as fares and secretly recorded videos of Uber drivers in an attempt to “gather evidence against them.”