Swipe Your Jacket and Payment Is Accepted

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Didn’t bring cash or a credit card with you? No problem. As long as you’re wearing the new lifestyle jacket from Lyle & Scott, you can pay for anything. The Contactless Jacket has a built-in bPay contactless chip integrated into the right sleeve cuff allowing the wearer to swipe to make payments.


Barclaycard has been working on digital secure wallets and has released wearable payment devices like a sticker, fob and wristband. However, this is their first partnership with a fashion brand—a great introduction to the world of fashion and seamless payments.

“This collaboration with Lyle & Scott shows the potential of wearable payments and how they can be customized to fit more conveniently and easily into consumers’ everyday lives. The great thing about bPay is its versatility, allowing users to turn almost anything into a contactless way to pay,” Barclay Digital Consumer Payments Managing Director Mike Saunders explained.

He also added, “The combination of the heritage of a brand like Lyle & Scott with the latest payments technology from bPay will further advance contactless payments as being the easiest and quickest way to buy everyday things—be it a morning coffee, quick trip to the supermarket, or a bus trip across town.”

The Contactless Jacket was launched in September 2. It is available in True Black and Admiral Blue colors.


The Contactless Jacket was launched in September 2. It is available in True Black and Admiral Blue colors. The jacket features a double-faced hood and the bPay chip to make contactless payments. Wearers can buy anything £30 and under in the U.K. Wearers can add funds to their digital wallet using a mobile app or through an online portal.


It may come as a surprise to many why a lifestyle brand like Lyle & Scott would want to trek on the tech path. This decision stems from the company’s forward-thinking and the need to satisfy customers further.

According to Lyle & Scott Innovation Project Manager Jonathan Briggs, the innovation is “ultimately seizing the next step in satisfying the consumer’s need for flexibility and convenience.” And indeed, it will.

There’s no question that simply wearing The Contactless Jacket prevents the risk of bringing a wallet with you. But the question is, how accurate is its fraud prevention system? Take for example the Nymi Band that allows users to pay with their heartbeat. One can only pay if the identity is proven through the person’s unique heartbeat rate.

Lyle & Scott The Contactless Jacket


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